Kimbo Slice (Kevin Ferguson) Mini Biography

Kimbo Slice was born February 8, 1974 in the Bahamas, Nassau. His birth name is Kevin Ferguson. However, he grew up  and went to school in Cutler Ridge Florida. He was a foot ball player at his High School: Miami Palmetto High School and later, even tried out for the Miami Dolphins, though he didn’t quite make the team. I suppose this was not in the cards for Kimbo Slice.

After a year and a half of college he left and began working as a bouncer for a strip club. Later on he hooked up with his old friend, Mike Imber, also known as “Icey” and he offered him a job as a bodyguard for the company RK Metmedia. All these jobs, after all were suitable if not much too perfect for the stalky and well built, Kimbo Slice, though little did he know that his whole future would be a product of a back yard fight.

In 2003 Kimbo Slice fought for the first time on tape which quickly saturated the internet with tapes of back yard, street fighting fights. Kimbo Slice told “The backyard was a location that was picked.”  I suppose he meant it could have happened anywhere…Well, needless to say, that first back yard fight became epic, so much that he moved on to MMA Fighting.

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Since that first fight in the backyard until today, Mike Imber has managed Kimbo Slice’s career which in just a few years has flourished more than anyone including himself would have ever dreamed of. He became a YouTube sensation, MMA Fighter and now he’s a professional boxer with three wins and hopefully one on his way.

As well as being athletic, Kimbo Slice also has an acting streak, which has landed him a few film roles, the latest and biggest being on The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption. Needless to say, the once bouncer, bodyguard and football player has come a long way and is very much successful in his current life and under the careful management of long time pal: Mike Imber.

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Mike Imber “Icey” Will Manage Kimbo Slice On Upcoming Fight

IceyMike Imber will be managing Kimbo Slice on upcoming fight next month on February 11, 2012. There’s been a lot of talk and even implications that Kimbo Slice should drop Mike Imber for he’s going to give the boxing industry a bad name. Despite all the negativity, the old pals have stuck through and there’s no sign that these two are going to depart anytime soon.

So far from the truth, in fact that in next month’s fight “Icey,” Mike Imber- will be managing and standing by Kimbo Slice’s side as he’s always done as Kimbo faces the never defeated before, Robert Bruce. For fans out there, the duo shall go on to battle together and if all goes well, they both shall be triumphant for a fourth time in a roll, giving a symbolic slap on the face to all those that have tried to make Mike Imber’s management of heavy weight boxer- Kimbo Slice some kind of taboo.

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“Icey” Mike Imber Shall Continue Managing Kimbo Slice

People are wondering if “Icey” Mike Imber is going to continue managing boxer: Kimbo Slice. For those who were hoping he wouldn’t- I’m sorry to rain on your parade, but he will indeed continue, managing and standing by his buddy’s side. For those of you who don’t care or care and think they make a marvelous collaboration, well, then you should be ecstatic that after all the bad mouthing the duo will not be parting ways.

Realistically, why would do they even bother parting ways when everything despite so much negativity has gone perfectly wonderful. The 37 year old, heavy weight boxer has been absolutely glorious in all three fights under the management of his friend: Mike Imber also known as “Icey.”

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In fact, the bond is tighter as Icey- Mike Imber will go on to continue managing Kimbo Slice on his next fight on February 11, 2012 where Kimbo will be faced with his toughest opponent ever: Robert Bruce. Fans of the Miami native- Kimbo are ruling for his victory. But either way, we all find him and Icey to be victorious already after three wins in a row despite the amount of bad press and vibes attached to these two guys. They’ve prevailed and if all goes well, Kimbo Slice with the help and managing of “Icey” Mike Imber will kick Robert Bruce’s ass!

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Kimbo Slice Movie Debut in The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption

I’m sure you’ve heard the name Kimbo Slice about a thousand times or more by now. Well, this time it’s not because of his jaw breaking hands. Kimbo Slice whose birth name is Kevin Ferguson will be debuting in an acting role on January 17th in the movie The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption. This man has managed to go from being a backyard street fighter on YouTube to an MMA fighter that competed in the The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights. He has since turned from MMA fighting to become a professional boxer and actor.

Kimbo Slice in The Scorpion King 3

He did surprising well in MMA fighting, however boxing seems to be more his style. After all, street fighting to MMA fighting is quite a jump with a lot of challenges attached. We all know that there are challenges to everything and luckily Kimbo Slice and his manger Icey Mike Imber don’t seem to scare easily. After all they did land an acting role in a much waited for film, The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption. This too was no easy tasks I’m sure, but just as he has made it a priority to master every other skill I’m sure he’ll have mastered this as well.

Kimbo Slice & Manager “Icey” Mike Imber Prepare For 4th Pro Boxing Fight Vs. Robert Bruce

 Kimbo Slice’s management team doesn’t seem to be wasting anytime! After receiving his third straight win just last weekend, Kimbo is already scheduled and training for his next competitor. For those of you who are unaware Kimbo Slice fought his last MMA fight back on May 8, 2010 against Matt Mitrione. He has since crossed over to Pro-Boxing and debuted in his first professional boxing match back on August 13,2011 against James Wade.

The fight was so short if you blinked you missed it! Kimbo Slice knocked out James Wade only 17 seconds into the first round. Kimbo Slice then went on to fight against Tay Bledsoe on October 15th,2011. Kimbo Slice won this fight aswell in the first round by KO only 2 mins and 17seconds into it. While his third fight against Charles Hackman was also a victory Hackman survived through till te fourth round. It was a unanimous decision Kimbo Slice won 39-37 winning 3 out of the 4 rounds. Kimbo Slice currently holds a 3-0 record.

“Icey” Mike Imber Managing Kimbo Slice Boxing Career

Robert Bruce is also an undefeated fight with a record of (2-0, 2 KO). He won against his first two competitors but has received a bunch of shit talking claiming it was only due to him being so much larger then them. Well one things for sure he won’t be out shinning Kimbo SLice and its set to be a great fight as they will be facing the largest and toughest competitors yet. Read more about Kimbo Slice & “Icey” Mike Imber on the Icey Mike Imber Blog

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Unless you’ve been under a rock, you already know about Kimbo Slice’s first win in professional boxing. You can check out the video of his win right here on the official Icey Mike Imber blog. You can also check out updates of events and news related to anything I deal with on the Mike Imber Blogspot as well.